My research is generously supported by EPSRC and the Royal Society, for which I am very grateful.

I am the Principle Investigator of the following Projects.

Current Projects:

Year Title
2021-2022 Verified Program Synthesis for Refactoring Rust Programs, NCSC/EPSRC
2020-2024 Applications of Functional Programming To Machine Learning, EPSRC
2020-2023 Bidirectional Compiler for Software Evolution, EPSRC
2020-2022 Making Software Development Language-Agnostic through Cross-Language Mapping and Migration, Royal Society
2020-2023 EXHIBIT : Expressive High-Level Languages for Bidirectional Transformations, EPSRC
2018-2021 Software Testing Guided by Differential Analysis on Programming Languages, Royal Society
2018-2020 Bidirectional Compiler for Software Evolution, Royal Society

Past Projects

Year Title
2017-2020 A New Generation of Bidirectional Languages, University of Kent
2016-2018 Testing Techniques for Functional Programming Languages, Royal Society IE150982

Professional Services

I am in the PC of the following conferences. Please consider submitting.

Past services: APLAS 2020, PPDP 2020, FROM 2020, TFP 2020, EASE 2020, TASE 2020, BX 2020,TASE 2019, ICFP 2018, TFP 2018, FLOPS 2018, BX 2018, IFL 2017, TFP 2017 (co-chair), BX 2017, IFL 2016, ICFP 2016, BX 2015, ACM SRC 2015, WGP 2014, ICFP SRC 2014 (Chair), APLAS 2013, PPDP 2013, FLOPS 2013